After years of thinking, I finally decided that it’s time to rebuild my website. It took about three days to settle on the current design and another day for coding.

One of the goals of the new website is to provide visitors a quick look at what I have created and what I’m capable of. The previous website did provide a chronological table of my works, but I thought it’s better to put images related to my works and sort them into some categories (audio/graphics, demo, games, and so on…). Furthermore, to achieve the goal, I chose carefully to make sure only the best works or populor ones take up space.

This website targets modern web browsers (to name a few, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge). In most cases you should be able to view the website without a problem. If you observe glitches or any other problems, then you are probably using an older browser. It might also be because of the bug in the website itself. In this case, I’d be glad if you could report me the problem. By the way, mobile support is not done yet. I’ll do it when I have some free time.

So here’s my new website. It’s kind of cool, isn’t it?